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As a nature-loving tomboy growing up, I spent most of my Canadian childhood in a self-styled mullet and knee-high striped sports socks (yesss!) and if I was a secret love child, I’d belong to Patti Smith and Caisey Neistat.

I now spend most of my time as a social media maven + brand master flash. I basically get a big kick helping build strong communities through social media.



I earned my social stripes as Head of Community + Marketing at global wellness + fitness phenomenon, Lululemon Athletica - one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever had. I was able to help grow their brand from 1 to 24 stores across Australia and NZ, and I learned some seriously cool social media tricks and tips along the way.

As Chief Momentum Builder and Buzz Creator, I did cool things like opening stores in multiple countries, crafting advertising campaigns, managing photo shoots of stores + ambassadors, organising mad events (like flying 80 people from around the globe to a remote part of Australia for personal + professional development) and diving deep into high-end leadership training (and loads of other fun stuff that never felt like ‘work’).

Itching to do my own thing and work with heart-driven people and brands, I finally launched Seekerloverdreamer, my branding + social media business for creatives, businesses and entrepreneurs.



I’ve seen + been a part of building strong online (and offline) tribes that bring about BIG sales.

But I’ve also learned a helluva lot about community and connection from the school of life.

I’ve done just about everything during my career from bike courier to snowcat driver to outdoor instructor to fashion designer. I’ve travelled the globe from Canada to Thailand to Ireland to India, which resulted in a pretty long stint in Australia (well, almost two decades actually).

It’s these experiences, random gigs and memories that have shaped who I am and given me a burning desire to help entrepreneurs connect with each other in an authentic way.

This is how I help:

  • humanize your brand + make you look your BEST online

  • whip your business + brand into sparkling shape through branding, social media strategy + on-point business comms

  • help larger businesses build kickass internal cultures through progressive, design-focused strategies, and

  • teach you how to use social media to build loyal, engaged tribes + a cracking online presence

If you’re bursting to find your community and get your business booming, hop onto the contact page and say “Let’s do this!”



Bringing together talented teams of creatives, I spend most of my  days stylin’ it up for clients (think photo shoots, social media photography, videos, graphic design, website design, you name it).

I’ll happily lend my left-brain, community-focused street cred and vibe to your business and brand so you can stand out online + build that loving fan base you crave.

When you work with me, I give it 127% and I ask that you do the same, so that we can really tap into your business to get results.

(Or we can we just hang out under the stars talking about life, creation + what makes the world freaking cool - your call).



Brand strategy expert, social media consultant and powerhouse presenter, Zoë found her stride as Head of Community and Marketing Maven at Lululemon where she grew the innovative brand from 1 to 24 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

A big believer in the power of community engagement, Zoë launched her own purpose-driven business, Seekerloverdreamer, where she thrives on humanizing brands by helping them build strong communities through social media.

Her drive, creativity + daring entrepreneurial spirit have earned her kickass clients within health, design + travel industries, including AppleLululemon, Loving Earth, Gelato MessinaDestination BCSmack Bang DesignsEat Fit Food, Greene Street JuiceOwners CollectiveDecus Interiors,Yoga Medicine + Power Living Yoga.

She launched an innovative social media + brand training program for Lululemon, and authored Australia's first government-accredited Diploma of Social Media, 

What really lights her up is when she gets the chance to teach start-ups, business owners, creative, freelancers and entrepreneurs how to attract engaged tribes and create a game-changing global brand. 



  • Being in nature + being barefoot are my two greatest pleasures on the planet (besides eating Nutella straight out of the jar)

  • My party trick is being able to curve my tongue into a clover (I picked this little gem up from watching Sesame Street)

  • I was a child actor and once starred in a TV show about N.A.S.A. filmed at the Houston Space Center in Texas, ya'll

  • The ring on my right hand was a gift from my Mom to her Mom that she bought with her first pay cheque at 16 years old

  • My current loves are chanting, meditating and weekly dancehall reggae classes…boom, boom, shake the room!

If you’re bursting at the seams to find your special tribe and you’re pumped to create a game-changing global brand with me, hop onto the contact page and say “I’m ready!”