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Before being the commander of her own ship, Zoë worked for a little billiondolla’ company called Lululemon Athletica and was known as the PR + Marketing Maven. Basically she was the momentum driver, buzz creator and people bringer!

Now… she’s all that plus she has added a whole lotta’ social media to her bag of tricks. It lights her up to to take people + brands to a place where they are getting noticed, and for all the right reasons.

When she’s not presenting workshops internationally, you can find her on Skype with clients across the globe, teaching in multiple business masterminds, working on launch strategies for upcoming businesses, and searching for the perfect almond milk piccolo.

Her clients include Lululemon AthleticaEat Fit Food, The Farm Wholefoods, Smack Bang Designs, Owners Collective, Decus Interiors, The National Grid, Yoga Medicine, Power Living Yoga Australia + Crossfit Athletic.

If you’re bursting to find your community and get your business booming, hop on the contact page and say “let’s do this!”